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Keeping Your Commercial Property Clean in 7 Ways

Keeping Your Commercial Property Clean in 7 Ways

It is crucial for commercial buildings and offices to keep all areas, furniture, and equipment maintained and cleaned at all times. Aside from leaving a good impression to the guests and customers, a clean work environment increases productivity, efficiency, and safety. Dust, dirt, and debris will not only affect the image of the business but also the health of the employees.

In order not to distract the workflow in the office, consider these simple tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your work environment for the sake of your business and your employees’ work:

  • Be a good example

    Whether you are the office boss or not, it is essential for you to be the one to set the standards high in maintaining the cleanliness of your office. If you are the boss, you would expect everyone to follow your lead being the one in authority, and being someone whom most of your employees looked up to. If you want to make sure that the work environment is clean and organized, you can take advantage of that authoritative power you have to motivate, teach, and influence your subordinates to do the same.

  • Discuss with employees

    Before you can rally everyone to maintain a clean work environment, you must first discuss with them the reasons why cleaning the workplace is important. The goal is to be on one page with everyone. If you win them over to your goal, everything will just flow smoothly.
    You can also impart to them your skills and knowledge about proper office cleaning tips and include in your discussion a to-do list which you can expect your employees to follow and accomplish regularly.

  • Empty trash bins

    Oftentimes, because of the busyness of everyone in the workplace, nobody would mind emptying the office trash bin. If you want your office to look clean and smell good, then this should also be included in your office’s to-do list so this task will not be forgotten or neglected.
    Imagine if no one would dare to care about emptying the trash bin in the office regularly, aside from enduring the foul smelling odor that comes from the bin, the entire office will soon be accumulated with rubbish that is going to cause havoc in the entire workforce.

  • Disinfect all areas

    Each worker in the office must take the responsibility of cleaning their personal workspace. It includes disinfecting their desk, chairs, and other equipment used. Moreover, rally everyone to not forget to disinfect the restrooms for both men and women.

    If all areas are disinfected well, you would have a healthy environment for your employees to work on. Like what we always say, if the work environment is clean, productivity level will go high as the rate of sick leaves drop to zero and employees stay healthy.

  • Tidy desks

    If you want to impress your guests and customers with your office’s cleanliness, you must include training everyone on how to properly clean and tidy their desks. If one desk is dirty or untidy, most likely it will affect the entire appearance of your office. So teach them the proper ways to clean their desk. You may even want to encourage them to put up a gel dispenser or a tissue near their desks to make the entire space not only clutter free but also germ-free.

  • Invest in Entrance mats

    You can consider what other commercial buildings have been doing – putting down mats at the entrance of their building. Entrance mats are very useful to keep your building free from dust and dirt that some employee and guests may be bringing with them from the outside as they enter the building. Mats are essential – not only do they trap debris and other particles – they also keep people from slipping and injuring themselves during rainy days.

  • Hire a commercial cleaning service

    It is also best if you consider hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services in Virginia, which have cleaning and janitorial services to meet your cleaning needs. Without neglecting the valuable cleaning tips you’ve imparted to your employees, hiring Special Services for Commercial Buildings can give you a lot of benefits, such as saving more time and increasing the level of productivity.

Especially during busy office hours, when your employees are concentrating on doing their tasks, the cleaning experts from Seven Stars Services LLC will do their job in cleaning, tidying, disinfecting, and organizing the entire office to provide them a germ-free, tidy and clutter free spaces to work on. For more information about Seven Stars Services LLC, you can call us at 804-269-3135.

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