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Commercial Cleaning Services in Richmond VA

As a commercial property owner or manager, you strive to provide an excellent experience for everyone you serve. That includes maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for visitors and employees alike. No one wants to spend time in a dirty building, and you don’t want that kind of reputation. But it’s no secret that cleaning a commercial facility is a lot of work. 

Save yourself time and create the right image with a quality commercial cleaning service by Seven Stars Services. We offer the best commercial cleaning service because we believe our clients deserve the same kind of treatment they give their patrons. Our customer service and detailed cleaning are unmatched in the Richmond area. 

Let us make your job easier by handling the responsibilities of keeping your building clean while you focus on taking care of the employees and customers who rely on you. 

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Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Service

Every Richmond business has different cleaning needs, but meeting yours is easy when you work with Seven Stars Services. We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services that are suitable for many types of commercial buildings so that you can find the right combination for you. Our facility cleaning services are designed to create an attractive and sanitary environment where you can do business successfully.

Janitorial Cleaning Service

Our comprehensive janitorial cleaning services include all the tasks every commercial building needs to present the right image to visitors and make work comfortable for employees. We perform all the essential cleaning and sanitizing you’d expect from janitors but with special care for exceptional results. And we work around your schedule! 

Office Cleaning Service

Offices are expected to be a professional environment, but they don’t feel that way when they aren’t clean. Seven Stars Services keeps your office pristine with recurrent cleanings that create a pleasant, healthy work environment. Bathrooms and high-touch surfaces get special attention so your company has fewer employee sick days!

School Cleaning Service

No one deserves a healthy, clean environment more than the staff and students at Richmond schools and other educational facilities. Proper commercial cleaning services are vital for infection control on these campuses. Seven Stars Services is dedicated to providing Richmond-area schools with positive learning environments through routine cleaning of all areas, from bathrooms and locker rooms to classrooms, teachers’ lounges, offices and more. 

Industrial Cleaning Service

Industrial sites get messy, but Seven Stars Services is up to the challenge. Our multifaceted commercial cleaning services extend to even the toughest jobs. Our cleaning technicians have the equipment and training to tackle any dirt, residue or grime found at the messiest facilities. We keep your workplace safe and OSHA compliant.

No matter which commercial cleaning service you choose, the level of quality service you receive from Seven Stars Services never changes. All of our services are performed by our highly skilled professional cleaners who are experienced in all aspects of commercial cleaning. Their attention to detail and quality guarantee you get the results you want every time. They know the latest cleaning techniques and come equipped with the right supplies to take proper care of the surfaces in your building. 

Our staff is friendly, professional and punctual. We are responsive to your questions and concerns and always willing to work with you to meet your specific cleaning needs. You simply won’t find another Richmond commercial cleaning service that cares more about going above and beyond for clients than Seven Stars Services does!

commercial cleaning service

Make Seven Stars Services Your Richmond Commercial Cleaning Service

We know Seven Stars Services isn’t your only option, but we are the best commercial cleaning service in Richmond! Owners Edy and Marie Lorisme have been in the cleaning business for over 18 years and have cleaned some of Richmond’s most significant buildings. They don’t settle for second-best, and neither should you.

Seven Stars Services is proud to help Richmond and Harrisonburg businesses look their best while serving members of these lovely communities. We know you prioritize the needs of your customers and patrons. Now it’s time for someone to prioritize yours. 

With our facility cleaning services, you never have to worry about the appearance or sanitation of your workplace. Our affordable but high-quality cleaning services create the professional image you want and keep visitors and employees happy. 

If you’re ready to see what a difference a top-notch commercial cleaning service can make for your facility, Seven Stars Services is here to help. To get started, request a free quote, and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss your needs and our proven cleaning solutions.