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Client Testimonials

Virginia - Cleaning Services Testimonials


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  1. Joel Yoder

    We at the First Mennonite Church in Richmond have been very pleased with Edy Lorisme’s professional cleaning services. He takes his time to make sure the job is done right and he is very responsive. I would highly recommend him for professional cleaning needs.

  2. Ken Wermuth

    I have know Edy for about twenty years. Over the years I have come to see Edy and Marie as hard workers supporting their family. I fully support him in his business and would be glad to be called upon if anyone needs a character reference.

  3. Milton L.

    I want to give thanks to Edy Lorisme and the wonderful folks at his cleaning business for the excellent job they do in cleaning our office building and maintaining the grounds. It is a joy to have contractors that we can depend on.

  4. Anonymous

    Edy is currently in charge of cleaning our church building with his wife and they have done an excellent job. Edy is honest, conscientious, reliable, friendly, eager to work and to do any job to the best of his ability.

  5. Anonymous

    Edy has been reliable, punctual and has completed the tasks to the best of his ability. We know that you will find Edy an asset to your company.

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