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Schools are great breeding ground for germs and other infectious microorganisms. These young learners don’t know it, but they accumulate and spread the disease just by touching their little hands to any surfaces. To keep them healthy and well for school, they must be kept away from viruses and promote a cleaner and more conducive environment for learning.

Take it from the cleaning experts and provider of Commercial Cleaning Services in Virginia, Seven Stars Services LLC for these school cleaning tips:

  1. OBSERVE PROPER CLEANING PROCEDURES: This includes the basic three – cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting.

    CLEANING: The act of removing harmful microbes from surfaces or object through soap and water.

    SANITIZING: The act of reducing the number of germs to a safer level.

    DISINFECTING: The act of using chemicals to kill microbes on surfaces.

    Start your cleaning crusade on objects or areas that are most often used or touched. Evaluate your school facility and try to pinpoint high traffic areas. Are students always on their desks or do they tend to move around in the hallways? Are your learning materials accessible to all?

  2. CLEAN THOSE VISIBLY DIRTY AREAS. Take a look at your facility – your chalkboard must be filled with debris or your wallpapers filled with dust. One look at these dirty areas and it’s obvious – they must be cleaned, ASAP. Spills or accidents must be taken into the same consideration too.
  3. CHECK YOUR CLEANERS. Aside from keeping your school spotless and neat, you must also be cautious about the cleaning agents that you’re using. Is it safe for use around children? Can they effectively eliminate germs? Are they the right products to use? By asking these questions, you can maximize your efforts and avoid risking you and your little learner’s health too. Remember that a strong cleaning agent can’t be half as good if it can only cause allergies to you or the kids.

    Ask your pupils to participate with you! This way, they’ll learn how to be responsible in their own little ways. They don’t have to mop the floors – these easy steps can still bring a significant difference in keeping your facility clean and healthy.


  • Wipe the whiteboard or dust the chalkboard after school
  • Arrange the tables and chairs
  • Pickup litters on the floor, especially during and after breaks Avoid vandalism
  • Do not leave objects unattended
  • Wash hands properly before and after eating
  • Flush the toilet after using
  • Avoid putting tissue papers or any objects in the toilet


  • Change and redecorate your classroom every month to avoid dust accumulation.
  • Learning tools and appliances must be cleaned monthly.

This spring break, you have all the time to go over those dusty and dirty corners of your learning hood! Here are some tips for you:

  • Wash those toys or stuffed animals
  • Remove and clean those fabric items, like table covers and curtains
  • Wipe down surfaces with microfiber cloth
  • Clean those windows
  • Spray some aerosols or air fresheners

The best way to inspire and encourage your students to learn is to provide the safest and cleanest school environment possible, and you can achieve that with superb cleaning efforts! Seven Stars Services LLC shares the same concerns with you, and we can help you in this legwork. We provide customized cleaning services that are tailored to your school cleaning needs. Ask us directly to know more! Please give us a call at 804-269-3135 for Janitorial Services.

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