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4 Safety Cleaning Tips for Your Lobby Mats

4 Safety Cleaning Tips for Your Lobby Mats

Placing down mats on the floor of our office lobby is lovely and useful, but it leaves us with a great responsibility to regularly maintain and clean them. While everyone seems to enjoy the lovely appearance of the mats that have added up to the already beautiful look of our office lobby, cleaning or maintaining it is neither really pleasant nor easy. However, it is crucial for every business owner and manager out there to consider cleaning the mats regularly to create a lasting impression to our customers and guests, and also to present our business in its perfect light.

Cleaning our lobby mats may add weight to our responsibility as a boss, but if we take a closer look at it on a different lens, we would begin to realize that cleaning a filthy carpet is not hard at all. Even if we lack the skills on how to do it properly, there is really nothing to worry about. You may worry about effectiveness and risks, which we agree are both important factors to consider, but if we begin to learn what to do and what not to do, everything else we worry about from the beginning will just be futile in the end.

For our safety in cleaning our lobby mats in our office building, we can follow these helpful tips:

  • Remove tiny objects from the mats

    Cleaning mats these days often entails considerable use of cleaning equipment, which must be operated properly to prevent possible danger or damage. If we are going to use this type of cleaning equipment in cleaning our mats, we must check the mats first for any tiny objects or some stuff that have been dropped or stuck before we begin cleaning them. Once these items get lodged in our cleaning equipment, our cleaning machine will get damaged.

    Moreover, a lodged item in our cleaning equipment will not only cause the device to malfunction but can also bring harm to our health. For safety purposes, look for any loose debris on the lobby mats first before we start cleaning them.

  • Know what cleaning solutions to use

    Aside from using cleaning equipment in cleaning lobby mats, we can also use cleaning solutions when doing so. However, there is a risk if we are not careful enough in choosing the right cleaning solutions to use. Not so many people know this, but using the wrong cleaning solutions can bring more harm than good – especially to our health. Yes, there may be plenty of products available in stores now, but if we are not careful enough, we could end up buying those cleaning solutions that contain chemicals harmful to our skin and lungs.

    While it is important for us to clean all our mats properly for our business’ sake, may we not forget to look after our health too and ensure that it is not affected by the things we do in the workplace. That is why using the right cleaning products for our mats is necessary. We can consult the Commercial Cleaning Services in Virginia so we can be guided with our buying options, and for us not to worry about health problems anymore.

  • Dry thoroughly

    If we use liquid cleaning solutions to clean our mats, make sure that we dry them thoroughly after cleaning. According to the cleaning experts from Seven Stars Services LLC, drying our mats thoroughly can prevent molds from growing and mildew from developing. If molds begin to grow on our mats, we will be in big trouble! It will not only cause havoc, but will also decrease our star rating, and will eventually put our business down to ground level.

    In order to prevent this from happening, never leave carpets wet for a long time. Doing so would only entice various fungi, like molds, to grow and thrive, which would bring health problems to our customers and employees when exposed too much. So after cleaning our lobby mats, let’s dry them thoroughly before using. We may need a lot of patience in doing this, but rest assured that it is going to pay off in the end.

  • Hire cleaning experts

    Some companies also consider hiring cleaning experts and getting Janitorial Services because of its benefits. They don’t just clean our lobby mats properly but also help our business save time and energy. As a result, everyone can concentrate on doing their individual tasks well, and for that, we can maintain high levels of productivity in the workplace. If you need to hire cleaning experts, just call Seven Stars Services LLC at 804-269-3135.

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